I've been on a right little book buying spree recently and I thought I would show you all what I've picked up recently.

001. A Game For All The Family - Sophie Hannah
If you had seen from my April Wrap Up, I read a lot of Sophie Hannah. I love her books and so I had to pick another one up. This book is about a woman called Justine who recently moved to Devon with her family. However Anonymous calls start, threats are made and Justine fears her family's safety.

002. Techbitch - Lucy Sykes & Jo Piazza
I haven't read a good old chick lit book in a while as I usually favour the thrillers. This book drew me in however and is about a woman called Imogen Tate who is editor in chief of a magazine. However when she returns from a sabbatical she finds her former assistant behind her desk, who has been brought in to turn the magazine into an app. However Imogen isn't ready to give up her career without a fight.

003. Behind Closed Doors - B.A. Paris
This book has been catching my eye for a while and I thought why not give it a go. It's a thriller type book which tells the story of a couple called Jack and Grace who seem to be the perfect couple. Until you realise that they are never apart, where Grace never answers the phone or meet for lunch without Jack and also why there are bars on one of the bedroom windows.

004. A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
Another lovely Modern Classic to add to my collection. I've been wanting to read this for a good while and thought 'why put it off any longer'. A Clockwork Orange tells the tale of a 15 year old Alex who enjoys ultra-violence, rape, drugs and Beethoven's ninth. He and his gang rampage through a dystopian future, hunting for terrible thrills. But then Alex finds himself at the mercy of the state and subject to the ministrations of Dr Brodsky.

005. The Kindness - Polly Samson
This book drew me in with the cover at first but the story sounds so good. This is about a woman called Julia who is married and eight years older. Julian is a gifted English student. They begin a new life in London and they have a daughter called Mira. Julian hears his boyhood home is for sale and tries to recreate a lost paradise for the family. Mira become ill and it becomes impossible for Julia to conceal an explosive secret that she has been keeping. 

006. The Versions Of Us - Laura Barnett
I've heard loads of good things about this book for a good while and when I saw it was on a 'buy one get one book for a pound' deal in WHSmiths I couldn't not get it. This story follows a man who is walking down a country lane while a woman is cycling towards him. She swerves to avoid a dog and in that moment, their future hinges and there are three possible outcomes which could determine the rest of their life. This book follows the three different courses their lives could take from that first meeting. 

007. Metamorphosis And Other Stories - Franz Kafka
This really caught my eye and is a collection of stories that Kafka had written and thought worthy of publish. Including Metamorphosis which is a tale about transformation and alienation. Meditation which is a collection of his earlier studies; The Judgment which he wrote in a single night and even The Aeroplanes At Brescia which is an eyewitness account of an air display in 1909.

008. An Inspector Calls And Other Plays - J.B Priestley
I've never read An Inspector calls when in High School like I know so many have and I've always been intrigued with that this is about. This play tells the tale where a young girl commits suicide and the family is subject to a routine inquiry. An inspector calls to interrogate the family and during the questioning all the members of the group are implicated lightly or deeply in the girls undoing.

009. A Little Life - Hanya Yanagihara
I've seen this book everywhere recently and the cover is so pretty that I decided I had to pick it up in a deal. This book is about the long term friendship of four classmates who come from New York to make their way. The book begins as a four-hander as the friends progress in their lives and careers/ Gradually Jude takes over and we learn his horrifying backstory.  I have heard that this book deals with a lot of dark themes such as suicide attempts in graphic detail.

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