The happy planner is a really good investment however for me personally after watching all the 'plan with me' videos, I put pressure on myself to make it pretty and colourful and full of stickers and I found that I just stopped using it.

I find that in the UK it's harder and more expensive to find good stickers for the planner and it put me off ordering because to me I felt like I was spending my money on things I could only use once and the cost was just building up. 

I know that the point of the planner is to plan the day but after watching all the youtube videos I could not help but compare my blank planner to others. At the time of purchasing it, I didn't even have a job or much of a social life so I filled it with pointless crap which wasn't important. 

I know my situation has changed but when I go to start planning again I just find myself not wanting to. I want to journal my days to an extent because I sometimes forget important information like my work schedule, birthdays and events. 

I just found that there was too much blank space and I also don't want to really buy stickers as much anymore even though I have found some great UK Etsy Shops that sell them. I don't regret buying it as it taught me that I really do like planning my days.

Instead I've decided to try out bullet journaling which is essentially a notebook and a pen. I'm not going to look at any videos or pictures of bullet journaling because I know I'll get sucked into trying to recreate the pretty layouts and I don't want that pressure of it not feeling good enough. 

I may do an initial post on how I set it up and I'm excited to try this method of documenting out. I do want to say that I do love the happiness planner and think it's a great investment for people and especially if you like being creative and have means to create your own stickers. It's also really pretty and I can appreciate the planner as a whole.

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