I thought today I would share with you what I've put in my bullet Journal. I officially started mine at the start of April so I haven't had it long. I know it will take me a while to get into a layout and style that suits me. But for now, this is what I have. I know it's not the neatest but I don't mind that.

Year Overview:
I've just always wanted to include this since I first saw a picture of a Bullet Journal. I love the look of them and I'm fairly proud with how mine turned out. 

This is pretty self explanatory as it's just a key to indicate what everything means. I find this super helpful when planning my week and I love crossing off the stuff I have done. I think I wouldn't include the notes or inspiration symbol as I haven't used them at all. 

I kind of use this but I kind of don't. Since I purchased a Moleskin the pages aren't numbered and I am far too lazy to number every page. So while it is a good idea, Ive found myself mainly flicking through the pages to find what I want. 

Habit Tracker:
Oh my gosh my favourite thing that I have included in my bullet journal is this!. I've found myself more motivated to keep at it when I see the squares coloured in. It's helped me keep on track on what I've been neglecting. 

Monthly Overview:
I like this and mainly use it for important things such as appointments and birthdays. I like that I can see whats going on all month in one little space.

Weekly Spread: 
It's taking a while to find my style of doing these because everyone has different layouts. I think I like it when the days are on one page and then having the other page for something else. As this is my first every bullet journal I know it will take me a while to find what works for me. 

Books To Read:
I included this in the back because I wanted somewhere that I would see it. I have Goodreads on my phone but I've put the books I have and really want to read in the Bullet Journal. I also like seeing the boxes being crossed off when I have read them.

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