I thought today I would share what I keep in my bag. Im so nosey and love to read these types of posts. This is the usual things you will find minus 500 receipts (not even joking).

I have my purse which I am in love with and bought from Skinnydip in London last July. It's a beautiful lilac with a patch that says 'Broken Bones Club' and which my brother pointed out 'you've never broken a bone, so it's kind of irrelevant don't you think' however I love it. 

I also have recently started to take a coin purse around for me, usually for all the loose change I have from forever buying drinks for work. I find it more handy having it all in one little coin purse then having it making my actual purse bulge out.

I also carry the usual deodorant and my favourite has to be the Sure Invisible. I also like to carry a body spray which at the moment is this Impulse one as well as this mini bottle of Soap & Glory body spray which I love. 

In the holographic purse I carry my lipsticks which I think I have about 4-5 right now as well as a little pocket mirror. I find its easier to stick the lipstick I want to wear that day in this purse so I don't lose it and it also won't get broken. 

Lastly I have my sunglasses which are from Next, some paracetamol just incase as I am prone to headaches a lot. I have my phone charger just in case I need to charge my phone. My tangle teezer because my hair tangles far too easily, a comb and a hair clip just because I was too lazy to take it out after I got James to trim my hair. Soap & Glory hand cream because I have really dry hands recently and lastly a pack of tissues because of this cold thats going around. 

Hope you enjoyed having a little nosey into my bag.

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