Only this month to go and then it's my birthday and I am bricking it. This month started with a fun day out to the seaside and meeting Jame's family at an anniversary meal. I also ended up with a fish tank which I love. 

A lot of movies recently which has been nice. I finally watched Guardians of the Galaxy which was amazing!.  Four in a bed because I find it so good and I love seeing who will win. 

Listening To:
A lot of old school emo songs which I listened to back in the day. Ones such as Simple Plan, New Found Glory and Sum 41. Also musicals which I love to sing along to. 

I got a new plant this month and also some new clothes as well as a lot of food which I need to curb because it's not good for my bank account. 

High waisted jeans and either basic tees with slogans on. Such as my new Primark tee which has a slice of pizza on the pocket with 'in pizza we crust' written around it. I've also been loving the cut out shoulder trend and purchased a few.

That James set me up a little fish tank in his room so now I have my own little fish. They are pretty cool because they are see through and you can see the spine. 

The fact so many people are buying things for when they go abroad and I am not and I am stuck at work. I need a holiday somewhere sunny.

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