March has been a really long month for me and Im not entirely sure why. However this month I got into a great relationship and it was also Easter. I thought I would share some other things which I have been loving this month.

001. Doc Martens Mary Janes.
I love these shoes so much and even though my feet are taking a beating trying to wear them in, I still love them all the same. I can't wait to wear these in the summer with frilly colourful socks.

002. Seven Seas Multivitamins.
I'm trying to take more vitamins and since I didn't want to take any that were tablet form since I know I wouldn't stick to taking them I was on the hunt for some chewable ones. At work I saw these and I have to say they are delicious and I also manage to take the recommended two a day. 

003. Marc Jacobs Decadence.
I got this perfume from my mum for Christmas and I am in love. First of all the bottle itself is amazingly cute and I love the little tassel detail. Secondly the smell of this is beautiful, slightly floral and slightly musky it has a very unique smell which I could sniff at forever. 

004. Barbara Daley Flutter - Bies Blush.
My mum actually gave me this as she doesn't use it and I am so glad. This is like a three in one blush with a dark shade, a light shade and then almost a highlighter shade in the middle. I love swirling the lighter pink and the highlighter shade together to create a perfect natural blush which would be great for spring and summer. 

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