I am an all time self confessed Instagram junkie. I love posting, liking and getting inspiration from it. I've recently been gaining a lot of new followers and think it's due to a lot of things but mainly from the actual pictures itself.

I've recently changed up my 'theme' so to speak as I wasn't happy with the photos I was posting. It was a bit of trail and error in finding what I like but I think I've finally got it down. So today I thought I would share what apps I use and go through a step by step. For all shots unless they are from my blog are taken on my iPhone 6s in the camera mode 'square' so they are ready for instagram. 

Firstly, is the actual content of the photo. I try to take photos of a range of things so it's varied and won't be boring and repetitive. I love taking photos of nature but also products. If its an outdoor shot then I usually quickly snap a shot and I like it but sometimes it takes multiple shots. I try to only shoot outdoor when it's a nice day so that theres lots of natural lighting.

For products I mainly go with my gut feeling. I love to hold products up so that the background is my tapestry as it creates a more varied background and then other stuff I like to take a photo on my bedding or blanket. It depends on the product itself and what colour it is. Such as the white bath bomb will look better and stand out more when the tapestry which is colourful is the background. 

Next up is the app I use which is VSCO. I used to use this a lot a year ago and then switched to Enlight however I've moved back again. I love this app a lot and find it so easy to use and navigate.  Another plus is that once you have one photo with your preferred editing settings then you can just paste and edit onto other photos which means they will all have be the same. So on this I have the following settings:

Temperature: -1
Highlights Save: +9
Saturation: +1
Contrast: +2
Exposure: +1
Preset (Filter): +6

If the photo looks over exposed or is too dark and doesn't fit with the rest of the photos then I literally delete it and on the iPhone Camera I will vary the brightness and take multiple photos till I find one which will work. This photo of my shoes resulted in me taking five photos all with varying brightness till I found one which worked with the VSCO settings.

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