Ahh March, when Easter rolls around. Nothing usually exciting happens in March apart from mothers day and I sometimes find that along with February it's a filler month. However I am now in a relationship with someone which has made me incredibly happy. 

I've been re-watching skins which is one of my all time favourite tv shows. I think the first cast is my all time favourite. I've also been re-watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia with the other half because he's never seen it and I think everyone should watch it.

Listening To:
The same old. Twenty One Pilots, Daughter, James Bay and Mumford & Sons etc. I haven't really listened to anything new recently. 

Ahh Me and my mum went to Leeds on Mothers Day for shopping and spent a lot of cash. I finally found the yellow Barbour Jacket of my dreams which you can see here. I got myself a new perfume which is in the shape of a cleaning product which you can see here

Work uniform or High Waisted Skinny Jeans with any kind of striped top. I recently picked up the cute striped shirt which has a cute cactus on one side. I've also been trying to wear in my new Mary Jane Docs which are super cute.

How happy I am recently. I'm in a great relationship and have such a loving family and friends. 

Really rude ass customers. Where are they all coming from. Keep coming in hoards it feels like at the moment. 

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