I have a lot of bad habits which I do try and curb however I always find myself failing. I've decided to give myself 5 things I want to get better at doing and hopefully by putting this into the world wide web I may actually stick to them.

001. Moisturise.
I have actually been pretty alright at this at the moment. I do miss a few days here and there but for the most part I'm doing it everyday. I used to not really moisturise because honestly it was just something I couldn't be bothered to do however since starting to moisturise regularly i'm noticing a difference in my skin.  

002. Clean makeup brushes often.
Again this is another thing which was so boring and a chore I would let my brushes get ridiculously dirty and I am so ashamed of that. However I've been doing them a little more frequently but would like to improve this. I've noticed that my skin has been a lot better since cleaning them more and that also they seem to apply my products on way more better.

003. Take my vitamins daily.
This is something I have never really done. I've never even thought of taking any vitamins well apart from Iron but that was doctors orders. However after complaining about this and that with my mother she told me to get some vitamins in me. So I headed into work, got some soft jelly vitamins because I am not taking any in the form of a tablet. I just now need to remember to take them daily.

004. Do some form of exercise every day.
I'm losing weight. It's not something I've really said on here and I've kinda implied I have on twitter. However I've lost a lot of weight in the past few months (a lot more to lose) and I know that I need to up my exercise. I'm not even going to set stupid goals which I know will put me off however I'm just going to aim to walk more or go on the treadmill more. 

005. Try and find the positive in every day.
A bit of a broad one and most likely one which won't happen every day. Somedays are just a write off to me. However I find myself complaining or rolling my eyes a lot so I want to find at least one positive that made me smile. 

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