Recently I went on a little walk with James and one of his dogs Lexi and we decided to bring our cameras to see what kind of photos we could take.

I'm so glad we did because this lovely picture of Lexi posing is one of the best photos I've taken In a long time. Especially as she is such an active soul and hardly stays still. I think I have about 5 blurry photos of her moving just to get one good one where you can see her.

Also the walk was lovely even if I did have to walk up some hills. It was such a nice day full of bright skies and little wind. I need to go on these walks more often as I really do enjoy them and is also a great way of keeping fit.

I thought I would share a few pictures from the walk and also to serve as a memory to myself of what a great day I had. I've never really taken pictures of animals before apart from my dog and usually that is me creeping up to her when she's asleep. 

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