I did a post about makeup I wanted to use up way back and can be found here. I kinda forgot all about this and I think It's a perfect way to show some love back to the products I have forgotten about and put in the back bench.

001. Maybelline Matte Maker
I really loved this powder and then my beloved Rimmel Stay Matte came back in stock and this one has just been left in the back unless there is a crisis and I have no powder. From what I remember I really liked this powder, it was nice and blended into my skin nicely and didn't leave me looking cakey. 

002. Benefit Browzings
I think this is my second or third repurchase of this little compact and it's hands down my all time favourite. I have the medium shade and it's perfect for my brows and I hardly use or try anything else. As you can see I've really hit pan on this and as you can also see I don't use the wax which doesn't bother me even if this product is slightly on the expensive side. 

003. Soap & Glory Solar Powder
This is my favourite bronzer/contouring product ever. That's a big claim but honestly it's great. It doesn't leave me looking like a brown mess and is slightly sheer so that It can be built up. As you can see I've used a lot of this and just want to finish it so that I can repurchase another. The Packaging is slightly damaged as the lid ripped off but other then that, I would really recommend this. 

004. Natural Collection Blush (Peach Melba)
This is a great everyday blush which gives a nice subtle blush to the cheeks. The only reason I stopped using this was because I had others such as the M.A.C blush in Mocha which I fell in love with. 

005. Benefit Tinted Primer
This was a sample in Birchbox and I am in love with this. I only want to use this up so that I can go and purchase the full size. I love wearing this on it's own when having a more bare face as it just lifts my lashes up a bit. It's also great underneath other mascaras and doesn't leave my eyelashes looking like a clumpy mess.

006. M.A.C Lipstick (Patisserie)
I used to wear this religiously every day until both 'Mehr' and 'Velvet Teddy' came into my life. I still love this lipstick and I need to reach for it more. It's a great sheer pink nude which makes my lips look something more when wanting just a plain nude lip. 

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