I think you can truly get a feel for what lipsticks a girl loves when she shows you the ones in her bag. Well okay, I don't know about every girl but for me it's the case. The lipsticks I'm really digging will not leave my bag unless they are going onto my lips. So today I decided to show you the ones currently residing in my lovely bag.

001. Bobbi Brown Art Stick - Dusty Pink.
One of my newest edition to my lipstick collection and I am in love. It's also rekindled my love for lipstick pencils as I completely went off them at one point. This is a beautiful nude pink shade which applies like a dream. It also has a sharp enough point that I can use this as both a lipliner and a lipstick so thats a double win.

002. M.A.C Velvet Teddy.
I've recently fallen back in love with this lipstick after having a brief stint where I thought it was too brown for me. I've realised that if I wear it with the right eye look which is more natural it actually looks perfect. This is a cult classic nude which I have found myself loving to wear when I am at work. 

003. New Look Pure Colour - Burgundy
I love wearing this shade a lot when I am off work and It's finally getting me back into darker lips. I know that it's nearly spring and dark lips are mainly in winter but I don't care. These New Look lip crayons retail for £3.99 and are so gorgeous. 

004. Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick - Keep It Classy
I love this little lip crayon and the colour is wonderful. I love to wear this as well to work to give my lips a little more pink colour. This is also a new edition to my lipstick family. I'm becoming obsessed with these lip pencils and now want them all. This one is so creamy and goes on the lips so well. 

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