Since It's Easter this Sunday and I wanted to give James a little something but I didn't want to do anything too expensive I decided to make him a little Easter box and it was so simple.

I first up had to find something to put this in. At first I wanted a wooden hamper/basket but some were expensive and the others weren't nice. In the end I found this white and gold spotty box for £3 in Tesco which I thought would be perfect.

I also picked up two packs of Easter themed crepe paper and layered one on the bottom and on top of that I put two of his non Easter themed gifts which were a T-shirt and a Wallet (since he lost his) which were both from Primark.

Next with the remaining crepe paper I cut these into strips so they looked shredded (since I couldn't find any shredded crepe paper in Tesco and forgot to buy some from Town). I then layer this on top of the gifts so they were hidden.

Lastly I bought a ton of his favourite chocolate and sweets and placed them around so it was like a pick and mix.

Im really happy with how it came out and pleased with myself for making it. Im kind of tempted to try and find clear cellophane to wrap around the box. 

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