Ahh It's February, the month of pancake day (I didn't have any) and Valentines day (I didn't have a valentines) however it is also the month where I got a week off work and finally got to catch up with my best pal and see Twenty One Pilots. 

I finished watching Doctor Who, mind you, it wasn't the whole series. I mainly watch up to when David Tennant leaves, just because after that I just don't enjoy it. I've also started watching Benidorm because I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

Listening To:
Twenty One Pilots of course, but aside from them I've been listening to a lot of chill music such as Daughter, James Bay, Mumford & Sons and others. I've done a a little post about my top few chilling out songs which you can find here.

Mainly vinyls and makeup. I want to get a good record collection going. I've also been wanting some new makeup because I'm just feeling so bleh about what I have. I've also been purchasing a lot more striped tops because I've become obsessed. 
Again as last month, my work uniform which is also black. I've also been trying to wear more colour and I've been loving one top from primark which was only £6. I have the style in striped and also a tan colour and I've also just picked up the red version. 

How I am actually remembering to moisturise twice a day and I think my skin is thanking me for it. It's feeling dead soft and looking more hydrated which is great. Also been loving that I got to see my bestie for the first time in about three years. Yay.

That I haven't been feeling great recently and that some people can be major pains in the arse. That's all I'm going to say.

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