For a while I have been wearing a nude shade lip and neutral eyeshadow and while I love wearing it especially to work I just feel that it's becoming so boring and repetitive, I mean I can do it on autopilot. Okay so I wasn't that big on bright eyeshadows but I used to switch my lip colour up.

I don't know what has come over me but I end up becoming scared of trying darker colours and decided to opt for the nudes/pinks that I've been wearing all the time. I end up thinking I won't suit the colour or It'll just look plain silly on me. 

I've also become set in my ways and find myself reaching for the same products over and over and while I am so happy that I have found myself products I'm in love with I also miss trying and buying new and different products of all shades. 

I think what I really want is to just try new looks without being scared and finding new products to fall in love with. To do this I'm going to do a few small steps to help.

001. Picking a different lipstick instead of the go-to ones.

002. Choosing different palettes instead of the Urban Decay one's I always use. 

003. Trying a small selection of eyeshadow colours which aren't brown and incorporate into my looks.

004. Using other products for bronzer, blusher and highlight. 

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