I'm always single when Valentines day rolls around and you know what. I don't even care. I used to be bitter that everyone would be with their loved one but now. Well now I realise I have myself to love and those around me. I like to pamper myself and also treat others on this day.

So my Valentines day will consist of:

001. Music
I'll be listening to some nice chill out music (what I've been loving at the moment). I'll most likely stick on my record player and blast out James Bay and Daughter. I'll also stick on some top hits to have a little boogie to because it makes me happy.

002. Films
I'm not actually a fan of love films really so that's alright. I'll stick on comedies or even a thriller. This valentines day is all about treating myself and myself loves to have a good laugh or a good sit on the edge of your seat film to watch. I'd love to go and see Deadpool which comes out also but need to find someone to go with (and may skip watching on the day because I hate busy cinemas).

003. Pampering
I'm going to buy myself a face mask, get in a nice hot Lush bath and just relax. I would say I'd paint my nails but honestly, that's so stressful for me, how do you other girls find it relaxing!. I'm going to put on some new comfy pjs and cuddle up in my blanket with a nice cuppa because that is pampering myself my friends.

004. Treating Myself
I don't know what I am going to treat myself with but It could be anything. A new vinyl, new makeup, a little cheeky takeaway. I might even treat myself to a new fragrance because why not. I am worth it. Also some flowers because I've never had anyone buy me any ever.

What will your valentines day consist of?

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