I can't believe that in the month of January that I read a total of 9 books. Well okay maybe 8 and three pages of another. It's been a bit hit and miss with the books this month and ones I thought I would love were slightly disappointing. 

001. The Santa Klaus Murder - Mavis Doriel Hay
So this is the book which I only read about the last three pages in January without realising. I liked this book even though sometimes the characters were slightly annoying and pathetic but I think that's just the nature of them within these types of crime novels. 

002. The Children Act - Ian McEwan
I love how Ian McEwan writes but this story wasn't gripping, as in I felt like I had read something like this before or very similar. This is only a short book but it was really filled with action and had me wondering how it ends.

003. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves - Karen Joy Fowler
This book kind of annoyed me, the main character was so weird and I felt like she did things which just wouldn't happen really. Also the how premise of who her sister is was stupid and I don't know this book just didn't sit with me. 

004. The End Specialist - Drew Magary
I saw this is a charity shop and for such a cheap price I thought why not. I actually really liked the concept of the book and how it portrayed what would happen realistically. I can't remember the ending and I think thats why I didn't give it a full five stars.

005. After The Crash - Michel Bussi
I loved this book so much and I still didn't guess what the ending was until right at the end. It was so gripping and the plot was really well thought out. I also thought the characters all brought something different to the table and they had really good character development.

006. The Doll's House - Rumer Godden
This was an okay book. Wasn't completely blown over by it and as it is a children's book I knew it wouldn't be that full of detail. However it was slightly too boring for me but the illustrations were lovely to look at. 

007. The Man In The High Castle - Phillip .K. Dick
This book. I thought I would love this book a lot as the movie looks amazing. However I was disappointed in it. Mainly due to be confused about the characters and what was happening. I read this for the 2016 Classics Challenge and have done a full post about it that will be coming shortly.

008. Belzhar - Meg Wolitzer
I loved this book. To the end. Oh my the end was such a let down. All throughout the book you are led to believe one thing and then BAM. The main character who you thought was okay and slightly cringy becomes a full blown idiot. I wanted to smack her a lot.

009. Her - Harriet Lane
This was a book I found at the works and what caught my eye was the bright yellow cover and interesting blurb. It was awful. The plot is flawed to high heaven. The characters are annoying. The ending was totally rushed and rubbish and the whole reason why it was happening was so stupid. To top it off the book was told by two perspectives and don't get me wrong I do like that however the same scene was told by the two people. I had to relive everything twice. 

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