February has come and gone quicker then I can blink. It's always a short month but this year it's gone even faster. Maybe because I've been counting down the days to the end of the month for my trip to London. Anyway here are my February favourites.

001. Vinyls.
Ahh man I am so glad I bit the bullet and purchased a record player for myself. I am absolutely in love and have been blasting out my records at any chance I can get. I have a list as long as my arm of the records I want to buy but at the moment my all time favourites are 'Mumford & Sons - Wilder Mind' and 'Daughter - If You Leave'

002. Sunglasses
It's been fairly sunny where I live throughout February and I've kind of gone off wearing round circled sunglasses and picked up these ones which are like oversized oval ones. They are actually a really nice dark green and are from Next for £12.

003. Body Lotion
I've been really good at applying moisturiser morning and night this past month and found it really helping keeping my skin soft and also noticed that I don't have as much dry skin which is great.

004. Purrmaids Bedding
Hands down the best bedding ever made ever. Who wouldn't want bedding that features cats as mermaids. It's also great quality and cheap from only Asda. I have a better picture of it here to see it in all it's greatness.

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