Hey guys,

Today I am bringing you my review for the book 'The Man In The High Castle' by Philip K. Dick. This was a book I read for the 2016 classic challenge which details can be found here and founded by Stacey from ThePrettyBooks.

The Man In The High Castle is a classic which looks at an alternative world where the Allies have lost the Second World War. In this dystopia the Nazis have taken over New York, the Japanese control California and the African continents is virtually wiped out. In a neutral buffer zone that divides the rival superpowers in America lives an author of an underground bestseller. His book offers a new vision of reality, giving hope to the disenchanted. 

When I Discovered This Classic
I discovered this because of the advert for the Amazon adaption tv series which also look pretty great. When I saw the book in Waterstones I knew that I wanted to read it a lot.

Why I Chose To Read It
If I leave a classic I want to read for a later date I find that I am not inclined to read it at all because the moment of reading it will be gone. Plus I want to see if I can watch the tv series soon.

What Makes It A Classic
This is a modern classic and I think what makes it that is not only the date it was written (1962) but is the fact that he is a great science dystopian writer who has an eye of shocking people. He wrote this book about a world where the Nazi's had won WW2.

What I Thought Of This Classic
This took me forever to get into as I felt like there was no world building and you were just thrown into characters without knowing who they were, what they were like. However after going past the 100 page mark I've found myself liking this a bit more, I'm used to the characters and I kind have an idea on who the characters are.

Will It Stay A Classic
I think so, it's a great dystopian novel which I haven't seen before.

Who I Would Recommend It To
I'd say anyone who is interested in Science Dystopian novels as this one is a perfect example of that.

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