January is a month which is just there due to all the excitement of December and it's always so cold. I find that January is mainly here as a resting period after all the festive fun and decided to show what I've been currently up to this month. 

A ton of stuff but Ive been loving Tattoo Fixers, this show has made me want to get another tattoo so bad! It's also taught me that a lot of people get tattoos on their arse cheeks while on a boozy holiday. I've also binged watched RuPauls Drag Race and let me tell you, it is amazing! I love the challenges and bitchiness of it.

Listening to:
A lot of Twenty One Pilots since I'm going to be seeing them next month and I am so excited. Also been loving Justin Bieber especially 'Love Yourself'. I've not really branched into any new songs recently.

I've been getting little bits and bobs, Lush stuff, some new work shoes, I got quite a few books as well including those adult colouring books that I love. I also bought myself a Toothless Plush from Build - A - Bear because why not!.

A lot of black! no seriously, my work uniform is all black. Black shoes (trainers), black trousers and black shirt. If it's my day off then I'm usually in black skinnies, (the Joni high waisted ones to be precise) and a striped shirt (mainly black and white).

That I've lost the weight I gained during Christmas, yippee. Also been loving that lately I've been having later starts which means that I get to have a nice comfy lay in which is great since I've been hardly sleeping.

The weather. Why has it gotten so cold all of a sudden and then there was snow one day! It's not okay, though thankfully it didn't last and was gone by the next day. I also not liking the fact that I haven't been sleeping well, either falling asleep around 9pm and waking up at 2am or falling asleep at 3am and waking up at 5am.

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