Hey guys,

I was ever so kindly invited to try out the new winter menu at the Green Tree Inn which is located at Hatfield, Doncaster. And let me tell you it did not disappoint. The service, food and atmosphere was top notch.

After browsing the menu for only a short period of time my mum and I decided on the garlic prawn starter and it was delicious!. The garlic sauce wasn't so overpowering that all you could taste was garlic and the prawns were cooked just right. Both me and my mum loved this starter and could have eaten bucketful's. This starter also came with 4 slices of french baguette which is my all time favourite bread type and it was so fresh and soft and soaked up the garlic sauce perfectly.

For the main there was many meals on the menu that I could have had and if it was acceptable to eat as many mains I would have. From Chicken Balti Pie to a vegetable kiev (my second choice for a meal), it took me a while to pick but in the end I chose to have the half roast chicken and my mother chose the gammon and eggs. The service is incredible and after a few minutes we were told it was ready, we went up to the carvery line and got to choose our veg which I loved. With my roast chicken I got a yorkshire pudding and piled my plate with garden peas, roast potatoes and cauliflower cheese. My mum opted for just peas.

The chicken was cooked to perfection and was so moist while the roast potatoes were my all time favourite, soft and crispy but not dry at all. My mums eggs were cooked just as she liked them with a runny yolk and the gammon wasn't fatty at all which was great.

I couldn't leave without trying a dessert and persuaded my mum to have one as well. I first picked the Lemon Meringue Pie but sadly the last piece had gone so I went for my second option which was the chocolate brownie and cookie dough stack. As you can see this was smothered in a rich chocolate sauce and was incredible. I did prefer the brownie part to the cookie dough but i still managed to eat it all.

My mum chose to have the angel delight which is an old school favourite!. This came in a sundae glass with whipped cream, 100s of 1000s sprinkles and honeycomb pieces as well as two wafters. My mum seemed to enjoy this a lot so I'm guessing it was a hit. How can strawberry angel delight not be it is amazing.

All in all the staff were lovely and accommodating, while the food was excellent and the atmosphere was nice and relaxed. I will love to go back and have a full carvery or even a vegetarian option as they all sounded super yummy. It's also super affordable which is great as well.

Visit the website here for more information

*This experience was kindly gifted  by the Crown Carveries so that I could sample the winter menu.

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