Hey guys,

Today I thought I would share with you some haircare products I would love to try. I've really gotten into trying to save my hair by using less heat and products which claim to mend broken hair and treat split ends. I'm also trying to grow my hair and want products that will help nourish and enrich my hair.

I have heard so many great things about Bumble and Bumble and would love to try their products. One of them is this oil which claims to reduce frizz, tame flyways and also detangle and strengthen hair against any breakage.

Aside from the bottle looking absolutely gorgeous, this looks like it would do wonders for my hair. This products claims to help nourish and and repair the ends of the hair to make it look stronger and healthier. It also says it won't make your hair look greasy or sticky which is always something I'm scared will happen when using oil in my hair.

This is apparently step 3 in the Swell treatment but can be used by itself. This products helps bring volume and growth to hair from root to tip. This product is 97% natural, suitable for vegans, men and women and also is non sticky and greasy. 

This product helps with treating split ends and to also prevent breakage. This is a creamy texture that helps envelope the hair to help nourish the hair. I love L'Oreal hair products and they work wonders for my hair.

I love Lee Stafford and I have wanted to try the Growth range for a while. This leave in treatment would be amazing to try. This is a leave in  treatment that help the hair from the scalp and creates an healthy environment so to say for the hair to grow. I feel like that I have hair which won't grow past the length it is so I would be hoping this makes my hair a little longer.

Do you want to try any of these?

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