Hey Guys,

This little beauty made me squeal in excitement when I opened it up as I really was not expecting it. I can't believe how lucky I was to receive this and I am forever grateful. I've used it a few times now and honestly I am in love. 

The Gwen Stefani palette has been all over social media these past few months and I knew I wanted this beauty in my life. All the shades are beautiful and I love how there is a selection of both neutral and bright colours which compliment each other wonderfully. 

That blue is seriously beautiful but I think my courage will need to be up for me to try it as I'm not a colourful eyeshadow person the majority of times. The pigmentation on all shades are something that Urban Decay know how to do and the pay off is amazing!.

This palette is fast becoming my all time favourite. Also all the names are named with something relating to Gwen which I think is great. With the palette you also got a sample of lipsticks which look awesome! 

What do you think?

Emma xx

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