Hey guys,

I've seen this tag floating around and thought that it would be fun to do!. So let's get started.

1. What is your favourite christmas film?
Hmm my favourite film would have to be the Muppets Christmas Carol. I love the soundtrack, the actors and truth be told it's the only muppet film/show I will ever watch. Even to this day the ghost of christmas past freaks me out. I also love Elf, as does everyone. 

2.Do you open presents on christmas eve or christmas morning?
I open all presents on christmas morning, however when I used to go to my dads on the christmas eve I would open some then. However I find it slightly strange to open a present on the eve for some reason. 

3. Do you like to stay in your pjs on christmas day or dress up?
I usually stay in my pjs until the afternoon and then I get dressed for dinner. I like to put a little effort in what I wear for christmas.

4.If you could buy one person this year, who would it be?
I would pick my mum because she deserves everything she wants. I really want to get her the piece of jewellery she wants but she won't let me spend the money.

5. Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
No! I haven't, but i kind of don't want to just because I get stressed over things that don't go right and I know that making a gingerbread house even one that just needs to be constructed would send my stress levels high. I'll just admire other peoples on instagram.

6.What do you like to do on your christmas break?
I just like to mong out in pjs, watching christmas movies and reading. 

7.Any christmas wishes?
Hmm just to have a nice family christmas with next to no stress.

8.Favourite christmas food?
I think it would have to be mince pies, especially home made ones. Oh gosh I need some in my life.

9.Candy Cane or Gingerbread men?
For sure it's ginger bread men!. They are my all time favourite, especially ones that look like rudolph.

10.What is at the top of your christmas list?
Hmmmm to have a happy time really. However if you mean present wise then I just really want a iPhone 6s in rose gold. Ooh or maybe like vouchers for books.

Emma xx

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