Hey guys,

Today I'm bringing you one of my favourite planner sticker shops and that is The Hummingbird Planner

The Hummingbird planner has wonderful weekly theme kits which I would love to own them all to be honest. This is my second weekly theme kit as my first was the Yellow and Grey. 

The thing that I love the most about this purple weekly kit is how freaking cute this is!. Also I love how there are headers which say 'Today', 'To Do' and 'Little Things' for everyday of the week. This means you won't be limited to when to use these. You also get 8 checkboxes, 7 check flags as well as countless of flags and boxes to use throughout the week.

In the set you also get 2 rows of tv boxes, meal boxes, love heart boxes and star boxes which I love to use. You get 8 full pattern boxes, as well has hydrate stickers for all 7 days and a vitamin box. As well as all these things you also get little circle with activities like wine night, dentist, washing machine, paw print and various others which I love. 

Everything is so well made and also the stickers can be repositioned and made really high quality. You can choose either a glossy or matte finish which I think is nice, I go for the matte. The weekly kit is £5.95 plus £1.26 shipping which is great!. 

With every order you also get a little sampler pack which I think is so generous and love how it has a little bit of everything to get a feel on what is on offer. I can't wait to make another order 

Love Emma xx

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