Hey guys,

On the 26th November 2015 I officially graduated with a degree in Forensic Science. How crazy is that.

The weeks leading up to graduation seemed to take forever and then I soon found myself catching this train to Middlesbrough on the 25th November and it felt like I had never left. The day before I was excited and nervous and hardly slept.

On the day I think I couldn't believe it was happening until I was getting my makeup done. I soon found myself dressed and in the car on the way to University to dress in the cap and gown. The day went by so fast and I found myself all dressed and taking photos before heading to where the ceremony would take place.

Now let me tell you, I have never clapped for so many people in my life but it was great seeing everyone with massive smiles on their faces as we went up one by one onto the stage. After the ceremony I went and returned the gown and cap and went for some food, where my parents gave me a Pandora bracelet and graduation cap charm which was so lovely. They then dropped me off and I went to meet up with some friends waiting until I went to the graduation ball. 

At the graduation ball Libby and myself were the first to get some glitter tattoos which I loved very much and then I just had a great time dancing and talking with all the friends I made throughout my three years. It was so nice to see everyone again and hopefully I don't lose touch with them all.

Emma xx

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