Hey guys,

Today I want to share the Etsy love and show you a store which I have fell in love with.

Firstly the store which is called Forgetmenotgrove and are from Scotland. They really know how to package products. Look how cute these little bags are! I'd love to keep them for myself but make such cute packaging that this is how they are going to the people I'm giving these to.

The products from this store are amazing quality. Honestly I am so impressed with everything. The service was great and the products are perfect. I ordered theses key rings on the 18th November, I got an email to tell me they had been shipped on the 19th November and I received them on the 20th November. I would like to say that I did pay for first class but nevertheless such a speedy service!.

When you take the items out the little drawstring bags they also come in this little plastic envelope which has a cute design which says 'Especially for you'. This is great as it creates another little element to the gifts!. 

The two key rings I purchased were Graduate ones for my friends. One is the Biology DNA which has a little cloud that says 'Follow your dreams', the graduate charm and a DNA Double Helix charm which i love!. The other is the Chemistry keyring which has a little owl with a hat, the graduate charm and then the Serotonin molecule charm. 

I purchased these two mainly because there wasn't a forensic one so science had to do and because they are just really cute and make me think of both my friends. 

Forgetmenotgrove has a ton and I mean a ton of different occupations and graduation ones which include but not limited to theatre, vets, midwife, photographer, maths, opticians, lawyer and hairdresser.

They also have necklaces which I think are so pretty and the shop is also affordable! which is great.

You should check them out. I will more then likely purchase from them again.

Love Emma xx

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