Hey guys,

So today I am here to show you three awesome cards that I purchased from three different Etsy Sellers. Let me tell you, I will be repurchasing from them again because they are all individually amazing.
First up you may know that it's been my graduation. Well I really wanted a great card for one of my friends and after looking in the shops and seeing nothing. Honestly card shops, you need to up your game. I went on Etsy and found The Paper Scientist which let me tell you fits what I was looking for perfectly. Since we did Forensic Science I thought a science themed card would be appropriate. I love this as it has the elements from the periodic table.

This seller does a range of occasions all in this form and I love it!. This card was £3.50

Next up I needed to find my best friend a graduation card which suited us perfectly!. After looking around I finally found the one that seemed fitting and made me smile as sometimes this did happen. This lovely card is from LoveLaylaDesign who I also follow on Facebook. This card is so well made and I know my bestie will love it. This card was £3.95

Lastly it was also my best friends birthday and I wanted a good funny card and since I was on a roll with finding good cards on Etsy I decided to purchase this one which I love. This card is from PrintsmadewithLOVE and is so awesome!. This card was £3.75

What do you think? Do you like them?

Emma xx

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