Hey guys,

Christmas is a big thing in my household and I mean BIG. This year we are getting a real christmas tree which is exciting. With this means that my mums wants whole new christmas decorations. We always have a theme in our house for christmas, this year it is red, green and silver vintage. So today I thought I would show you a few decorations we have picked up recently.

Starting with the first picture which is this adorable hanging sign which was from The Range. It's super cute and has that old time father christmas on it who does look a little angry if I do say so. This would be nice to hang up on the wall or on the door.

Next up we purchased a few of these tree decorations which have hanging bells. These were also from the range. I wouldn't know if you would put these on the tree but maybe on the wall they would look nice!. Even hanging on the door.

No christmas tree would be complete in my household without a few fox decorations. From Hobbycraft we picked up two of these little guys. They are made from felt and look at the little christmas hat!.

We also picked up two of these little felt tress from Hobbycraft as well because well they really are adorable. Especially the little love heart buttons serving as baubles.

Another fox decoration but this time from Marks And Spencer's. This was the first decoration I picked out and it's honestly my favourite!. Its a glass bauble with a fox sitting next to a christmas present. This is going to look amazon on the tree with a little fairy light behind it to light it up.

We also picked this little fairy bauble up from M&S as it was 3 for 2. I love the little fairy and when I was little I was obsessed with them. I just love the whimsical style. M&S are really on point with the decorations.

Lastly for now from M&S is this little rocking horse. When I was very little my mum had a few family tree decorations and we had one that looked like this. I just find this is very elegant and just reminds me of childhood christmas.

Lastly are these 4 baubles from Primark! They are clear baubles with a snowflake pattern on two and a reindeer scene on the other two. The best part is that they have fake 'snow' which move when the bauble moves. I've become in love with clear baubles which have something in them recently.

So thats all for now but I'm pretty sure there will be a few more christmas haul posts.

Emma xx

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