Hey guys,

Everyone needs a pyjama day once in a while!. I decided to have a pyjama day recently and it's honestly helped me so much. Here are some reasons why.

1. Relax.
People stress a lot over everything and anything and sometimes it's nice just to have a day where you just dump that stress at the bottom of the bed and think of nothing but good thoughts.

2. Treat yourself.
It's nice to have a day where you treat yourself. This could be treating yourself to a movie, food or even a pamper. We deserve it especially if you have had a tough week.

3. Sometimes it's nice to not have to do anything.
Trust me, some days you can't even be bothered to get up. It's nice to have no immediate thing to do where you can just take your time. Also wearing pyjamas means you won't stress about what to wear for the day.

4. Rest your mind.
Just let your mind have time to wonder. I've found on my pyjama day I'm more inclined to read, blog and it gives my mind a little break from the worries of work.

5. Gives your skin a break.
If you have worn makeup everyday for the week then it's nice to give your skin a break and let it breathe. Even treat it to a face-mask. Your skin will thank you.

Do you enjoy pyjama days?
Emma xx

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