Hey guys,

I have found the one for me. The one that has helped my skin out so so much in only a few weeks.

I have been on the hunt for a product that will minimise pores and let me tell you it was harder then I thought it would be.

I love Soap & Glory products and when browsing the boots aisle and complaining to my mum that everything was hopeless she pushed this into my hands and said 'here'. It claimed that it would reduce pores and hydrate skin and as it was a good price at the time I bought it.

Fast forward to two weeks after using it everyday and honestly this has helped my pores so much it's unbelievable. Even my mum has noticed how much smaller they have become. This is also the time I was kicking myself because I didn't take a before picture to show you. 

You only need a little bit of product and it will go a long way. I use this all over my face but concentrate more to where my pores are which is near the nose. 

I would really recommend this product as it doesn't leave me feeling greasy which is a major plus.

Emma xx

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