Hey guys,

Can you believe that November is over and now it's December. So close to Christmas and I am so excited even if I do need to start Christmas shopping. oops.

First up is this book called Forensics: The Anatomy Of Crime by Val McDermid. I'm really enjoying this book and making me remember how much I love Forensics. This goes through the brief history of every forensic/ CSI technique and topic as well as giving real life examples. It's great so far.

Next up I have been loving this Phone Case by Sighh Designs. It's super cute and always makes me smile when I see it. Also it's science based so I love it for that. I love Sighh Designs as the quality and the designs are super cute.

Next up is of course my graduation! Eeek. This was the best day ever even though I was incredibly nervous!. I can't believe I am now a graduate and a real adult. ahh. Im going to be having a post all about graduation up soon.

I am obsessed with Spotify I love it so much. My premium ran out a few days ago and of course I had to resign up because I honestly use this app everyday. Recently been loving the song '679 feat monty' by Fetty Wep. Also Love Yourself by Justin Bieber. 

These shortbread fingers are to die for seriously. They are so crumbly and lovely and I could eat them all the time if I could. They are from boots and I think are for people with diabetes. However Im cutting down on carbs, sugar and calories and these are perfect as a snack because they have no added sugar. The chocolate chip cookies in the range are also delicious.

Love Emma xx

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