Hey guys,

I will be showing you some of my favourite things during September. I've been taking note more and also taking photos throughout the month so I wasn't flapping around at the end of the month. It worked.

First up is the Lush Comforter Shower Cream. Now the Comforter Bubble Bar is my all time favourite thing apart from Snow Fairy, so when I saw that they made this into a shower cream I knew I would have to purchase. I got the small bottle first just to get a feel of the stuff but I am honestly in love. The smell is divine, like sweets and stays the whole time and plus this makes the bath such a beautiful light pink colour.

So it's colder weather and you know what this means? DARKER LIPS. YES. Ahh I'm so happy. I think I suit a dark lip much more then a nude or pink. I've been giving this little YSL a spin recently. It's a Rouge Pur Couture in shade '66'. Its a lovely plum colour that gives my lips a hint of colour and lasts a long time.

Another lip product I know but I've recently become addicted to wearing this. It's a MUA One Direction Lip Polish in the shade 'Liam loves...Blueberry'. Its so moisturising while giving a wonderful berry tone which suits me perfectly If I say so myself. It's very creamy and a little goes such a long way.

I used to hate dry shampoo. It never really worked for me for some reason but I decided that I wanted to try and wash my ahoy every three days and because I knew my hair may get a little greasy towards the end I decided to buy the Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry. I mainly purchased this one because of the smell, it's amazing and I am in love. They need to make a deodorant that has this smell. I actually really like this and I have found that it has helped my hair which I am pleasantly surprised with. 

Emma xx

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