Hey guys,

Can you believe that we are now into October!. That's crazy. As two weeks clashed in the planner I just decided to do a bright colourful mermaid theme. I am in love and plan to have more mermaids in the future.
The bottom stickers are actually two mock wash tapes that came with the set. I love it even if it does look a little messy. I love that this week I put the to do section in the middle this time and that the checkbox flags come with 6 little hearts.

The colour scheme is also super cute and thing every thing goes so nicely together. Plus the decorative stickers are amazing!. I love this Etsy shop so much and I have ordered the Halloween set which I am so super excited about.

So this is what my week looks like...

So as you can see, I started a job. Yay. I still would love a science job but while I am looking this job is great. It was also my friends birthday and I went out on Friday to celebrate my new job. I had a great time even if someone elbowed me in the nose. I like the bottom part but I am not in love with it.

I think soon on another week I would like to put the bases down such as washi tape, and headers but then leave everything till the day is over. Just so it means I am careful with what I am putting down. However I love how colourful this week has been.

Emma xx

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