Hey guys,

I can't believe that October is over and November is now upon us. It's my graduation in November and I'm so excited!. Today I thought I would share with you the bits and bobs i've been loving this past month.
First up is the wonderful Snow Fairy by Lush. This has to be my favourite Lush Product ever (bar the Comforter). The smell is so sweet and just reminds me of pear drops and cotton candy. I could smell this for hours. I love to put some of this under the running tap to create bubbles but I also use it as a shower gel and I find the scent stays on my skin for a good period of time. I usually get the big bottles for christmas and I like to covet them until October and then I use it and then stockpile for the coming year.

Next up is another bath favourite and that is the Sugar crush body scrub by Soap and Glory. This again is another product that I could spend hours just smelling. It's so fresh and filled with limes. I love it. I find that this is an amazing body scrub and really helps my skin. I usually use this before shaving to buff the skin. I also use it on my arms and chest just to get rid of any impurities. It does a great job without hurting the skin.

I have become addicted with moisturising myself recently, maybe because it's nearing winter. I've been loving this Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion by Soap and Glory. I have honestly fallen head over heels for Soap and Glory recently. This smells so nice and leaves my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated. This is a massive bottle and I know it will last me a long time.

How adorable is this phone case. It's not a surprise that I love foxes and I also love phone cases. I have so many. However this one has my heart recently. It's a silicone phone case which means it's flexible and slightly bulky but I love it. It protects my phone while also making it super cute. It's from Primark. However I don't think they have it in stock just because I bought it a long time ago. Im sure Ebay or Amazon may have something similar.

I've also been loving Halloween movies such as Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown. 

Emma xx

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