Hey guys,
I recently ran out of Lush products and when pay day finally rolled around I decided that a trip into my local lush store was in order. I was very excited just because I knew all the christmas goodies were out and I wanted to try some. So here are the things I purchased.

First up is the much loved Comforter Bubble Bar which apart from Snow Fairy is my favourite Lush product of all time. This bar will last me a good while as I am quite stingy with how much I use to make them last. The smell is amazing and so sweet.

Another repurchase is the Intergalactic Bath Bomb which is honestly so amazing. This leaves your bath looking like the solar system with tons of glitter. The peppermint isn't too overpowering and smells so fresh. Also it has popping candy in it. Why would you not want that!.

Next up is one that I've wanted to try since last year and that is the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. Firstly this looks super cute with the pink and white swirl. This smells like snow fairy as its such a sweet candy smell, i can't wait to try this out.

Next up is the Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb which I actually purchased because of the scent mainly which smells of lemons and also because I saw the little flecks of colour. This smells like it would be really good if you need to be up and going. I can't wait to see what little masterpiece it will create in my bath.

Last up for purchases is the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb which looks like a little present which is super cute!. This smelt like oranges and limes and just sweet and refreshing. Also I see little hints of blue so I'm excited to see what my bath will look like with this in. You can also get this little one Alcohol free from what I can see on the website. 

Lastly I got this itty bitty sample of the Maypole Soap which looks funky. I've never tried a soap from Lush so I'm pretty excited. This smells of peppermint and it's so amazing!. I can't wait to see if this scent lingers on the skin. Also the name is super cute. 

So that's what I got from Lush. Have you tried any of these? Did you like them?

Emma xx

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