It's finally autumn yay || Lush Baths have been my obsession recently || How cute is this Radley dog from the York Designer Outlet.
Hey guys,

Life lately has been okay. I came to the conclusion that I haven't really sat down and just told you what is happening and well, a lot has happened. Mostly good, a little bad and some boring. So I thought today I would just sit down and talk a little about what my life has been like recently.

View from the train || Wouldn't have survived the hour journey so early without Starbucks || I got myself a new coat from H! by Henry Holland.
I finally got myself a job. So it's not actually my dream job which would be a science job but I'm searching and applying. I actually got a job as a sales assistant at savers. Ive been there for three weeks now and I love it. The staff are lovely and it's making me more confident. Im so glad I finally got a job after the numerous job interviews I've been too (such as Lush, Debenhams, Pubs and Topshop) The thing that held me back wasn't me or my skills it's just I lacked experience so Im glad Savers decided to give me a go. I recently travelled to Grimsby for 2 days to help in a savers shop there which was also a lovely experience.

I've been thinking lately that I might do a teaching course next year so I could become a primary teacher. Im unsure if it would be for me but it'd also be a fun adventure. 

I'll be graduating in November which isn't far away and I've finally ordered my cap and gown, my grad ball tickets and I'm on the hunt for a dress. I really am struggling because I need it to fit both day and night which can be tricky. But I'm also excited to see people I haven't seen since May. 

Mug with my baby is super cute || I've become addicted to Whittards tea. || This is one cheeky monkey that I love.

It feels like a lot has happened in my life but not a lot that can be written down. I think I've grown as a person and I know I am not where I want to be in life but I'm so much further then I thought I would be. I may not be where other people are with jobs, relationships and even with my own home. However I have learnt to not compare myself with others since I don't know their journey and they don't know mine. 

Emma xx

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