Hey guys,

I recently went to Hobbycraft which let me tell you I was so excited to go to. It's a great shop. I find a lot of stuff there is affordable and they have a range of different crafts. I picked a few things up and thought I would show you all. 

First up I picked this pretty little bat mask for £2. I've seen at work a notice that says we have to dress up the three days leading up to Halloween and I thought I would be a bat for one of them. This is super pretty and I would wear a red lip with this to look like a vampy bat.

Next up I decided to get these awesome and cute Halloween stickers which were only £1. I plan to use these in my planner. How cute are the little ghosts!.

Moving on from Halloween and now onto christmas. I couldn't not pick this super cute make your own 3D origami animals which was only £2!. Look how cute the fox and reindeer are!. I hope these are actually easy to make because I need to put them on my windowsill.

I got these super cute animal christmas stickers for £1. I thought these would look cute in my december section of my planner. Plus how cute are the little animals in christmas outfits.

These were the most expensive of the lot at £5 which is still a good price. It's a set of 4 washi tapes from the brand La De Dah. I love the multi-colour diamond pattern one the most. These are great and look so good at decorating my planner. I also use washi tape to stick up little prints onto my wall.

Last up are these two washi tapes coming in at £2 each. The spot one is super pretty and will look so pretty for hanging up art prints or postcards in my room. Also I couldn't leave the sloth one behind because well it's a sloth. How cute is it!.

Emma xx

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