Hey guys,

Today I thought I would share with you my favourite Soap & Glory products that I have been using for the past few months. I love S&G but these two beauties have made me fall head over heels and in a spin. These have been so great for my skin.

Soap & Glory Hand Dream Super Cream - £7.00
This hand cream is my all time favourite and I prefer this much more than the Hand Food which is surprising to me since that was one I used constantly. Im pretty sure I had two going at once before. This is pretty pricey at £7.00 however this will last such a long time as only a tiny smidge is needed to make your hands feel deeply moisturised and soft. Also it's 100ml so you get a lot for your buck. This hand cream also doesn't leave your hands greasy and slimy which is always a plus.

I am in love with this! I find this is so much better than the 'Butter Yourself' personally. I love how thick and creamy it is and that is sinks into your skin and leaves your body feeling so soft, smooth and loved. The smell of this is so wonderful and I can't stop sniffing it!. I love this on my legs especially after shaving them! 

Do you have any favourites?

Emma xx

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