Hey guys,

The other day I decided I needed some new shoes. I have found myself wearing the same shoes over and over recently and have become bored of them and I don't want them to fall apart. So when I found myself in Primark the other day I decided to pick up some new shoes.

First up are these Black Brogues which I think look super cute and smart. I have some brogues which have cut outs and I thought these would be better for the winter months. They are super comfy on and feel so light on my feet. I think they will look super smart for work wear.

Lastly are these amazing black heeled boots!. I saw these out the corner of my eyes and knew I had to have them. They will be perfect for when I go for a night out as I feel safer in boots then open toed shoes. But also I can wear these on a day as well. These seem super comfy as well and so easy to walk in.

What do you guys think?
Emma xx

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