Hey guys,

Today I thought I would show you how my week in my MAMBI Planner went. This week was nautical and I really loved it. I've decided to show you at the end of the week just because I fill in the days throughout the week so if I show you before the week starts then there will be nothing to show. I love these posts and hope you do as well.

I had a massive cleaning day on Monday which was needed and I also did a few blog related things. On Tuesday I had a phone call for a job interview which is good and again was also another blog writing day which was good as it means I got a lot done. Wednesday I had a weigh in day which was a good result and then I was in Town for 12pm to meet with a friend, I was supposed to sleepover but it was cancelled.

On Thursday I had to write my friends birthday card out, I researched the pub I was being interviewed at and printed off a C.V for them (which was a good thing since he couldn't get my application up). Also on this day I had a phone interview with Debenhams which I passed (I now have an interview with them next Saturday). Friday I went into town as I had my Interview at the pub, I also had a meeting, and then I also got a call from Savers for an interview next friday!. Saturday was my best friends birthday and I went into town with my mum for a few hours. Lastly on Sunday we went to two car boot sales which I love to wonder around, you never know what you might find. Did a few blog things (like this post) and had a lovely sunday dinner made by my mum. 

Hope you enjoyed.

Emma xx

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