Hey guys,

So I recently posted that I got a Happy Planner and I couldn't wait to decorate the pages. I finally did a spread and used this amazing Cactus Week Sticker Set from the lovely Dook Plook Designs.
I love this set! It's so cute and super affordable. It also shipped super fast and I can't wait to order from her again!. I would highly recommend her especially as she is based in England so no expensive shipping and having to wait around for a month.

I love that this theme matches the September colours and it all just fits so nicely. I decided to use a dark and light green washi tape to section off both the thoughts section and the weekend. I also use Washi Tape for headings, so as you can see I've planned when to upload on here and it's working well so far which is good. I also have a 'to do' section at the top and for the weekend It's in the middle and I split a check box in half because I don't do major lot during the weekend.

I'm not good at planning in advance because my days change constantly so this is the bare minimum of what it will look like.

I also from the shop purchased these bins, recycling bins and washing machines to indicate which bin goes out that week and when I do laundry. They are so pretty and I love that they are multicoloured which means they can match my spread!

So this is what the end of the week looked like for me. I know it's busy but I've found I really enjoy using my planner as both a planner and a diary in a way. I love to note down the important things but also if I go shopping, where I want to go and buy. I find that that if I write these down the day before then I know where and what I need to do and I won't forget. I also realised that I spent arrived wrong aha. oops.

Next which is a nautical theme which I think would be super fun!

Emma xx

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