Hey guys,

I recently picked up some skincare products!. For a while all I've been using is Baby Wipes to take my makeup off and then just plain old soap and water and you know what. My skin has never been so clear. I also think it's because I've been eating healthier and drinking water only. However I still have to odd one spot coming sometimes and I have some redness I want to combat. So I tried to go for the most face friendly products I could find.

 Nivea Sensitive Cleansing Wipes.
These were essentially the cheapest in Tesco and also the ones I thought most suited for my skin. When looking for makeup/cleansing wipes I always try and go for fragrance free which these are and these also claim to have Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 which I'm guessing are good. Hopefully these work well.

PRO Formula Fresh Skin Brightening Foaming Face Wash.
I love using soap and water but I have also been wanting to get a foaming facial wash, just because I think these are better for me. This one firstly smells amazing as it is Grapefruit and Cranberry. I hope this helps remove the bad things from my face and helps me look a bit more better.

Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser,
Ive always like Neutogena and decided to pick this up due to it being on sale and also claims to be Oil free which is great since I have oily skin. I mainly got this because as it is coming up winter my skin gets dry especially around my nose. This also claims to even out skin tone which is great so I think I'm most excited to use this the most.

Emma x

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