Hey Guys,

So today I have decided to take to you about technical things. Not really my forte, but these apps that I will be talking about are ones that I use religiously. So on with the show.

Well instagram is my hands down favourite. I just love how creative instagram allows people to be. I love that you can see a snippet of someones life and I find so much inspiration just by scrolling through my feed. Its the first thing I look at when I wake up and it makes me so motivated to try out new angles and editing. 

I have literally stopped using my iTunes music app, I actually have no songs on there at all. Spotify is my music life. I have the premium and I can't imagine life without this app. You can have it on your phone, on your laptop and most recently found out that you can use it from the internet. I have it synced to my iPhone, Mac and iPod so its always up to date. I love creating different music playlists and finding new music I wouldn't normally give a chance. Just from this app I know that my music taste has expanded a ton. 

Blackboard Mobile Learn
It's a bit of a weird one to throw in but this app has saved my life so many times regarding uni. This app lets me access blackboard so I can easily check where I am that day and check announcements for that day. If you are a university student or going to start then I really recommended this.

For a long time this was the app that I used to edit my photos for instagram. It has a wide selection of filters and have many deals where certain theme packs are free. Once you have played around with the app it's really simple to use and I love that you can see all the photos you have edited in one place. This means that if you are after an instagram theme then you can see if they all match before posting. 

I have been testing this out for only a couple of days but I'm really digging it so far. It's kind of like VSCOcam but a little simpler to use I find. I love this app and I have found it so simple to navigate and has such a vast collection of things to do. You can even make memes which I found awesome.

What are some of your favourite apps?

Emma x

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