Hey guys,

I've been in a Pop Punk mood for a while now ever since Neck Deep released the new album which I am in love with. I think I pretty much love all the songs so picking just three were hard. Also The Wonder Years new album is so amazing, I am in total awe and I am so proud of the guys. You In January is my favourite out of the tracks and you should all go and listen. 

Also check out I Prevail's cover of Blank Space, I saw it on Facebook and have been addicted ever since. Also Bring Me The Horizon released Thats The Spirit and my favourite (apart from Thrones and True Friends) has got to be Follow You

Lastly I've become slightly addicted to Halsey after seeing the song lyrics for her songs popping up on Tumblr. I think Castle is my all time favourite. 

What songs have you been loving.

Emma xx

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