I am a recently turned planner addict. I love watching the 'Plan with me' videos and it made me lust over the Erin Condren planner as it looked amazing and everyone was planning them beautifully. However its far too expensive to ship to the uk. Then I saw the happy planner which was a slightly cheaper alternative and I knew I needed it in my life. They are again American planners but I found mine on Amazon for £11.50. I ordered it on the 17th August and it was despatched from America on the 26th August and I got this little beauty on the 1st september which is a great delivery time.

I knew I would love the planner and when I finally got it in my hands I fell in love. The front and back cover are laminated and it's an 18th month calendar which starts from July 2015 to December 2016 which which great!. All the pages can be removed without being teared and its a clip system which means you can add pages in which I love. I would also like to mention how cute is this cover! I am in love. You can buy a set of 4 covers which Im thinking to buy soon.

When you first open up the page you have the back of the front cover which has this cute quote that says 'because when you step and look around life itself is pretty amazing' which I love and then it also has this Hello page where you can write your name, however I wouldn't use it so I took this out.

When you open to the next page you have this at the start of every month. So you have a page with the previous month, the current month and the month after. It also has a currently section where you can jot down things like 'reading, planning, watching, trying, cooking etc'. It has a little section for birthdays, a grateful section and important dates. The page next to it is the tab page and all months have different pictures and quotes.

Next up is the monthly view which has decent sized boxes to write important dates and birthdays in. I love how there is also space for decorating. I will be using this to write in birthdays, important things such as appointments and bills.

Lastly you have the week view. Each month has a different colour scheme which is so pretty. The middle of the month has a quote along the bottom. I love that the planner is sectioned off into morning, afternoon and evening. I love even more that this only has it on the monday meaning I can put my own headings along such as 'to do, to blog, to clean' etc. I also love that the planner I have is water coloured inspired.

All in all I love this planner a lot and for an 18th month calendar is good value for money. You can also buy from 'Me and my big ideas' things like stickers, 6 month extension pack, home planner, dividers, pocket folders, sticky notes and note and graph pages. This means that you can fully customise this planner to your needs.

Emma xx

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