Hey guys,

I have been in a slight reading slump and I know this happens to all of us one time or another. Today I thought I would share with you a few tips on how to beat or overcome that pesky reading slump.

Don't Force It.
Honestly If you don't feel like reading then don't. Ive found that if I force myself to do something then I don't enjoy it and I won't want to do the thing. Same with reading, don't force yourself to read unless you know, its for school and then I'm sorry but you will have to read something.

Re-read A Favourite.
Ive found that sometimes going back to a good old favourite can pick you up and make you want to read again. I always turn to my favourite author or a book I know that I enjoyed. 

Read Something Short and Sweet.
Don't try and read a book thats about 1000 pages long. A simple short book thats around 100 pages would be ideal to get back into the swing of reading and you'll find yourself wanting to pick up another book and before you know it. Reading slump is over.

Change Genre.
Maybe you've read too much of one genre and this is maybe why you are stuck. Fear not just change it. Read a lot of Sci-Fi then just try a comedy or a romantic novel. Ive found that when I've swapped the genre and type of book Ive felt book refreshed and wanting to read again.

Visit A Book Store (make a cheeky purchase).
Obviously the most expensive of the tips and will increase your 'to be read' pile but sometimes all the books you have aren't cutting it. Making a trip to a bookstore will make you more happy and excited to pick a book up. You might read a blurb that excites you so much that you purchase and read it there and then.

Thanks for reading.

Emma xx

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