Hey guys,

August has gone! for me this month went both really slow and fast which is strange. It's also took me a while to think what I have been loving this month but I've finally come up with some things. So lets get started.

First up are these amazing shoes!. These are the Vans Disney collection. The little mermaid is my favourite movie and how could I not get these amazing shoes. These did cost me a little more mainly because they were all sold out in England o had to order these from America. However they came super fast and in great condition. I really don't want to wear these out in fear of marking them (slightly sad, I know). I love the pastel background which makes Ariel pop. Plus can you spot the little bubbles that look like the Micky Mouse face. Super cute.

Next up is this Body Shop Born Lippy which is a kind of tinted lip balm. This is in the scent plum and smells amazing!. I have had this for a while but only recently been using this as I like the subtle tint on my lips. Firstly how cute is this packaging, it reminds me of Pop Art. Secondly this gives such a great tint to your lips as well as being super moisturising. 

I've talked about this lovely product here. I recently broke out due to having that time of the month. Damn you. So I decided to crack this little beauty back out. It really does work wonders for my skin and I've had no cheeky blemishes since using this. I'm still not over the moon about the smell however the work it does on my face is enough for me to overlook that.

Okay, so technically I only purchased this at the end of August and I've only read a few pages however I have been lusting after this book since the end of June so it qualifies. If you didn't know I will be graduating in November with a degree of forensic science. I love forensics, I love science and when I saw this gorgeous little cover in WHSmith I read the blurb and I needed it. This book is by Val McDermid who is a crime novelist, in this book however she interviews forensic scientists, professionals and her own experience. She looks at the early beginnings to the cutting edge technology still in work. This is something that I wish I had read while at University because it sounds like it would have been so helpful.

Next to last are Washi Tapes. Washi Tape is originates from Japan and is like masking tape which comes in all sorts of patterns and designs and sizes. It can be used to decorate anything from phone cases to planners (which I use it for) to chargers and cards. Honestly the ways to use this little tape is enormous. I have really got into buying these little guys and you can find them in shops such as 'The Works', 'Waterstones' and 'Paperchase'. As well as online on Ebay, Etsy and Amazon and much more. My favourite at the moment are the spotty ones and the pineapple ones.

What have you been liking this past month?
Emma xx

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