Hey guys,

Today I thought I would show you some products I am lusting over from Paperchase. I am an stationary addict and also a love of Paperchase. They have amazing products and gifts and I could and do browse the website for hours. I think they just bring so much cute things to the stationary world. I thought this was the perfect time to show you cute things since some people are back to school, college and or university soon.

First up is this cute little You Are Dino-Mite postcard. I put on Instagram a while ago a few postcards I picked up and I am in love with them. I used them in my planner setup (which I may do a post on) and this one is so super cute. Look at the cute little dinosaurs. 

Secondly I am in love with these Pony Party Sticky Tabs they are so cute! They also seem the perfect width to actually write on. These are perfect with any text books when you need to make a few brief notes and or like I do, use them all the time in my planner.

Third up is not a stationary item but a lot of people know I am addicted to phone cases. This cute strawberry one caught my eye and look at that little strawberry face, how cute. Make any phone ready for summer.

Next are two notebooks. The first one is perfect for any university student and made me laugh so much when I saw the I love deadlines quote as it is so spot on. It is pretty pricey but so cute. The next one is this Dinosaur notebook and is more affordable while still being so cute however it is plain paged. 

Next up is something that everyone should at least own when off to college and university at least and that is a diary! They are so helpful in keeping you alert with when lectures are. This Tea Party Academic  one has everything you need. From a 12 month week to view section, monthly calendars, blank timetables, year planner section, contacts, websites and helpful conversions. This has everything and will keep anyone organised.

Lastly is also not a stationary item but this adorable festival skull plate, I love the design on this and the blue against the white is such a great colour scheme. It's also affordable and would also serve great as a big jewellery dish.

Do you like paperchase?
Emma x

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