Hey guys,

So let me tell you that over the past two months I have become addicted to planners and 'Plan with me' videos. I've binged watched nearly them all. I know I talked about organisation here and back then I was into planners and did a haul for it but it's only now with my brand new planner that I've become obsessed and i am loving it (although I've just yesterday ordered a different planner, oops).

To start with my lovely planner is called the splodges personal organiser which they don't have online but they have some more designs here. This is from Paperchase and was only £16 which is a steal for what you get inside and how good quality it is. This particular and I'm sure the other designs come with section dividers, week to week view of an 18 month diary, year planner, address and notes, plain, squared and ruled note paper and also a tear off ruled notepad in the back.

I personally think for me that the personal size is just perfect. It's not too small and not too big and is a perfect bag size especially if you need it around university or work.

First up for what I use in my planner are these cute postcards which are from Paperchase and range from 60p to £3.00 and are super super cute. I use mine as section dividers because I think they are prettier and look nicer then the ones provided. They slightly stick out in the personal and I find that It looks more personal as well. Also you can also switch them out for other postcards if you get bored of them. Which is a bonus.

Next up is something I really am obsessed with and I need more! It's Washi Tape. This is basically decorative tape which is actually reusable and super cute. I get mine from places such as EbayAmazonEtsy and even some shops such as WHSmith, Waterstones and The Works sometimes sell them. They can be pretty pricey if not shipped from China but they are so cute and there are so many patterns available!. They are perfect for decorating planners, notebooks, calculators, laptops and even phone cases!.

After watching all the plan with me videos, I have become obsessed with stickers! especially ones that are called planner stickers. I really want some from Etsy but for now Ebay have super cute ones for super cheap prices. Some are transparent with patterns which are cool for layering or to write on top. Some are masking tape types which have a pattern but different shapes within that pattern such as circles and triangles. I have some specific planner ones which have pictures of day to day stuff such as the dentist, food, shopping and recycling. Lastly I got these vintage looking ones which I just thought would be a nice decorative touch. I also have a few more different sets coming in the mail.

I also have a few sheets of stickers from different shops, mainly paperchaseTesco and Ryman. Paperchase really have the cutest ones by far and even have scented ones, which smell amazing! I love to use these just as decoration around my planner to give it something something. I also love the label dots and the Filofax dots which I use for appointments, to do's and birthdays. 

I may do a 'Plan with me' kind of post soon.
Hope you enjoyed.
Emma x

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